Response of various carbon sources for in vitro culture establishment and shoot proliferation of banana cv. Chinichampa (AAB) through shoot tip 

DOI: 10.31830/2454-1761.2024.CR-945    | Article Id: CR-945 | Page : 36-40
Citation :- Response of various carbon sources for in vitro culture establishment and shoot proliferation of banana cv. Chinichampa (AAB) through shoot tip. Crop Res. 59: 36-40
Address : Department of Horticulture, School of Agricultural Sciences, Medziphema Campus, Nagaland University-797106, India
Submitted Date : 13-11-2023
Accepted Date : 26-12-2023


Bananas are one of the most important tropical fruits in the world market, a significant staple food and a major export commodity. In vitro propagated banana plants are steadily becoming the planting material of choice because of disease free, uniformity and the possibility of rapid multiplication. The present investigation was carried out at the tissue culture laboratory, Department of Horticulture, School of Agricultural Sciences, Nagaland University, Medziphema campus during the year 2019-2022. Data recorded for different parameters viz. days to greening, days required for multiple buds’ initiation, number of multiple buds produced per explant and length of multiple buds after 30 days were subjected to completely randomized design (CRD). The present study revealed the importance of various carbon sources and its role in micropropagation of banana through shoot tip culture. The minimum day to greening, multiple buds initiation and maximum length of multiple buds was observed in shoot proliferation medium supplemented (SPM S) with 30g sucrose. The highest number of multiple buds was recorded in shoot proliferation medium supplemented with 30g table sugar. The results indicate the significance of sucrose as carbon sources in micropropagation of banana. They improved plant regeneration and facilitated rapid multiplication of disease and virus free banana plantlets.


Banana carbon sources micropropagation sucrose 


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