Crop Research

Aims :

CROP RESEARCH is a partially openly accessible journal, which mean that abstracts of published papers are openly accessible all the time. The aim of this journal is to provide a platform for researchers and students all over the globe to promote, share, and discuss various new issues and developments in different areas of agronomy, crop sciences, soil science and plant protection. SUBMITTED MANUSCRIPTS to CR must be previously unpublished and may not be considered for publication elsewhere simultaneously during CR’s review process period. Generally, final PDF copies of complete papers are uploaded on the website before the printed hard copies are released. PEER REVIEW POLICY 1.All submitted articles are subject to assessment and peer review to ensure editorial and technical correctness. 2.Research published in Gaurav Publications journals must be scientifically valid adhering to standards of research, technically accurate in its methods and results. 3.Ethically sound, transparent and clear declaration of conflicts of interests. 4.For an article to be accepted for publication, the assigned editor will first consider if the manuscript meets the minimum editorial standards and fits within the scope of the journal. 5.In case an article is found suitable, the editor will suggest at least two peer reviewers to assess the article before confirming to accept. Decision to reject the manuscript is at the discretion of the editor. BIBLIOGRAPHIC INFORMATION: ISSN: 0970-4884 (Print), ISSN: 2454-1761 (Online) and DOI Prefix: 10.31830. CONTACT: AUTHOR SERVICES ENQUARIES to the Managing Editor: info@gauravpublications.com, EDITORIAL CONTACT INFORMATION to the Editorial Assistant: info@gauravpublications.com and PRODUCTION RELATED ENQUIRIES to the Production Editor (aricindia@hotmail.com).

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