Effect of fertigation on nutrient dynamics of gray-brown soils and apple (Malus pumila) yields in intensive orchards of Kazakhstan 

Citation :- Effect of fertigation on nutrient dynamics of gray-brown soils and apple (Malus pumila) yields in intensive orchards of Kazakhstan. Res. Crop. 24: 506-514
Address : Department of “Soil Science and Agrochemistry, NJSC "Kazakh National Agrarian Research University", Almaty, Abay Avenue 8, 050010, Kazakhstan
Submitted Date : 30-01-2023
Accepted Date : 27-06-2023


Over the past 13 years, drip irrigation in intensive orchards has gained popularity in southern Kazakhstan. However, its impact on soil has not been studied before. Our research group conducted experiments from 2019 to 2022 in intensive orchards to study the dynamics of fertigation, the application of fertilizers through irrigation water, on soil nutrient levels. Experiments were conducted in Southern Kazakhstan at "Kentau" LLP on intensive orchards with a planting scheme of 0.8*3.5m from 2019 to 2022 with the aim of determining the dynamics of the impact of fertigation on the content of available nutrient elements in the soil. The effectiveness of traditional root feeding method was compared with fertigation (drip application of mother liquor) on large areas of 136.5 hectares in laboratories at the Kazakh National Agrarian Research University and the Laboratory of TOO "KosAgroKommertz". Results showed that proper calculation of fertilizer doses for fertigation resulted in cyclic changes in soil nutrient levels (up to 23%), depending on the season and phenological phase of apple trees. The correlation between fruit quality and quantity was influenced by timing and assimilability of nutrients and method of application. Implementation of recommended fertilization methods resulted in increased yield, although the young age of some orchards may have contributed to the results. Under optimal nutrient management plans, nutrient levels in the soil showed noticeable fluctuations depending on the phenological phases of apple trees, which can be used to adjust fertigation practices. The study also revealed that fertigation can affect soil properties such as bulk density, soil density, and humus content, with potential long-term implications for soil health and fertility. In conclusion, fertigation significantly impacts soil nutrient levels in intensive orchards in southern Kazakhstan, and careful management of fertilizer doses and application timing is crucial for maximizing its effectiveness. Further research is needed to understand the long-term effects of fertigation on soil health and fertility, and its implications for sustainable agriculture practices. The findings contribute to knowledge on fertigation dynamics in Kazakhstan, serving as a basis for further studies and practical applications in agricultural management.


Apple fertigation gray-brown soils nutrient dynamics yield 


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