Efficacy of cattle manure in improving the productivity of peanut (Arachis hypogaea) in sandy soil of Central Vietnam

DOI: 10.31830/2348-7542.2023.ROC-914    | Article Id: ROC-914 | Page : 82-88
Citation :- Efficacy of cattle manure in improving the productivity of peanut (Arachis hypogaea) in sandy soil of Central Vietnam. Res. Crop. 24: 82-88
T. T. H. HOANG, D. T. DO, T. D. TRAN, C. B. DUONG AND H. T. P. DO htthoa@hueuni.edu.vn
Address : University of Agriculture and Forestry, Hue University, 102 Phung Hung Street, Hue city, Vietnam
Submitted Date : 26-12-2022
Accepted Date : 8-02-2023


Peanut is an important annual crop in sandy soil of Central Vietnam. Organic fertilizer application plays a key role in improving peanut yield and soil quality. However, research on cattle manure is still limited in sandy soil for peanut crop. Trial consisted of 10 fertilizer treatments with two factors including two application methods and five ratios of inorganic fertilizer and manure and rice straw combinations. They were arranged in a split plot design with three replicates during the spring and summer season of 2021 on the sandy soil at Cat Trinh commune, Phu Cat district, Binh Dinh province, Vietnam. The aims of the study were to evaluate the efficiency of different combinations of organic amendments on the yield of peanut and to examine possible short-term changes in soil characteristics as a result of organic amendments application. The study results showed that application methods and different organic treatments gave higher yields compared with application of inorganic fertilizer alone. The highest peanut yield was found in the application of organic fertilizer from cattle manure+rice straw (1:0.5) and row application with (2.80-3.85 t/ha), increasing (21-27%) compared with application of inorganic fertilizer alone in surface application method and seasons. Cattle manure application improved some soil chemistry properties after the experiment such as OC, CEC, total N, P2O5 and K2O. In conclusion, incorporation of different types of organic amendments improved peanut yield and soil properties more than application of inorganic fertilizer alone.


Organic amendment peanut sandy soil soil properties yield 


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