Identification of new sources of wheat stem rust resistance genes

DOI: 10.31830/2348-7542.2023.ROC-892    | Article Id: ROC-892 | Page : 15-27
Citation :- Identification of new sources of wheat stem rust resistance genes. Res. Crop. 24: 15-27
Address : Zhangir Khan West Kazakhstan agrarian-Technical University, Uralsk, Kazakhstan
Submitted Date : 15-11-2022
Accepted Date : 4-01-2023


Stem rust disease is widespread in the wheat-growing regions of Kazakhstan. Despite a large number of studies, the protection of wheat from the pathogen Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici is considered one of the crucial problems. Chemical control has almost no impact on this disease and no exact result. The only effective way to control this disease is to cultivate resistant varieties and lines. Currently, 60 Sr resistance genes are known. Among them, Sr2, Sr22, Sr25/Lr19, Sr28, Sr36, and Sr39 gene sources are efficient at stem rust disease in different conditions of Kazakhstan. The molecular markers Xgwm533, CFA2019, PSY-E1, wPt-7004, Xgwm319 and Sr39#50 linked to Sr2, Sr22, Sr25/Lr19, Sr28, Sr36 and Sr39 were used, respectively. As a result of PCR analysis, the Sr2 gene was identified in six lines out of 16 lines, namely, GA951395-10-7/WX98D011-U38, Select, GA961565-27-6/KS99U673, GA961662-1-7/TAM107, VA01W-283/WX030513 and Sonalika. Five wheat lines were found as carriers of the Sr22 gene: Line c-19SB, Lutescens 7-04-4, Lutescens 220-03-45, GA961662-1-7/TAM107 and Line D 25 77. There are three lines that are carriers of Sr25/Lr19 gene sources, namely, Lutescens 220-03-45, Advance, and Line D 25 77. The Sr28 gene was identified in four wheat genotypes (GA951395-10-7/WX98D011-U38, Select, Advance and VA01W-283/WX03ASHTS0513) and the positive control W2691Sr2Bkt. An expected fragment (170 bp) for Xgwm319 properly for Sr36 gene was identified in four lines (GA951395-10-7/WX98D011-U38, Advance, VA01W-283/WX03ASHTS0513, GA961662-1-7/TAM107). The 10 wheat varieties were identified using primers Sr39 # 50R/F (Line C-19SB, Omskaya 37, Lutescens 7-04-4, Lutescens 220-03-45, Select, GA951395-10-7 / WX98D011-U38, Advance, GA961662-1-7 / TAM107’, VA01W-283/WX03ASHTS0513 and Line D 25 77). The studied sources of resistance can be used in breeding programs to create varieties of common wheat with durable resistance to stem rust.


Genotypes molecular markers resistance genes Sr genes stem rust wheat


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